Hassan Al Kontar

Human rights advocate, public speaker

An extraordinary background that includes a highly-profile stay of seven months in a Malaysian airport has given me unmatched experience as a spokesperson and public activist. Now based in Canada, my goal is to bring attention to pressing humanitarian and social issues by drawing out the universal themes of my story and sharing them with the world. “Don’t look to others to be your hero. Find the hero in yourself – then stand up!” 


Man at the Airport: How Social Media Saved My Life - One Syrian's Story is being published by Tidewater Press in May 2021.  My memoir recounts how I came to be known around the world as "The Airport Prisoner" and "The Man at the Airport". It is also the story of the heroes who helped save me—after almost seven years as homeless "illegal"—to become a proud  resident of Canada.

“A very good book about a courageous man in an outrageously preposterous situation (a bit like Catch 22). I enjoyed reading Hassan's powerful account.” Beverly Cramp, publisher, BC BookWorld


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