Hassan Al Kontar with his book

What a Feeling!

What a feeling! The man who was once homeless, jobless and illegal is now holding his book.

Three years ago, I was in a Malaysian jail, guilty of the crime of being Syrian. Now I am a permanent resident of Canada, anxious to continue the mission I started while I was trapped at Kuala Lumpur International Airport—standing up for Syrians, for refugees, for “illegals.” Who are Syrians really? How does it feel to be a refugee? How do you survive in a foreign country without money or status?  How do you keep your dignity in a de-humanizing system?

Life is strange—brutal and generous at the same time. I survived these experiences and now get to share them with others, to help close the gap between “them” and “us” in Man@the_Airport, coming May 2021 from Tidewater Press.


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